Signs of a Good Assisted Living Facility

Signs of a Good Assisted Living Facility

Your mom or dad has recently suffered a stroke, a heart attack or is just having a difficult time getting around, as a result of aging. You know that the time has come for him or her to have supervision to ensure safety and well being, and an assisted living facility is the best option. But, how do you choose the right facility? You’ve heard stories about places that provide poor care, or that aren’t clean. How do you find the right place? Here are some signs to look for when searching for assisted living Kansas City.

Things to Look for in a Quality Assisted Living Facility

How do you know that the facility you are considering is a good one? Here are signs that will indicate your loved one will receive excellent care.

  • The Cleanliness. The cleanliness of the facility is a good indicator of the care that your loved one will receive. If it looks clean and smells clean, you know that the facility puts the well being of its residents as a top priority.
  • The Food. What does the food look like, smell like and taste like? A good menu with an array of fresh foods is a definite sign that it’s a good facility. The facility should offer a well-balanced menu with a variety of options, and the food should be fresh.
  • The Activities. What type of activities does the facility offer? Are there a variety of things to do? Doe they provided activities that your loved one is interested in? Do residents attend these activities and participate?
  • The Staff. How does the staff interact with the residents? If they are friendly, kind, caring and compassionate, you know that you are looking at a facility that will provide your loved one with quality care.

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